Kindergarten Education System

This educational system was founded by an eminent international educationist by name Fried Reich Froebel. This system is popularly known as the play way method and is practiced in Kindergarten schools allover the world. This word Kindergarten is derived from a German word which means"Garden of Children grow like Flowers unfolding". The Kindergarten environment is where the Children bloom and the Teachers help in the process. This kind of special education emphasizes that Children "Learn Through Playing" .

Diploma in Kindergarten / Playway method (3-6 years old)

Duration - 6 months

Montessori & Kindergarten Teacher Training

Maria Montessori, an Italian founded this educational system. Her motto was - "See the mother in the teacher" (to make the transition from the home to the school an easier one for the child). The Montessori Education System is an educational system in which th~ total curriculum is taught through Montessori Materials. Specially designed by maria Montessori. This Montessori education and the Montessori materials are uniform throughout the world.

Diploma in Montessori method with Montessori Philosophy and Pedagogy

(Case de Babini 3-6 years old)

Theory Paper