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International Montessori and kindergarten training academy (IMKTA) is the premier preschool teacher training institute offering Diploma Montessori and Kindergarten method of education for aspiring parents, teachers and to those interested in early child care and education, IMKTA offers courses in the regular, distant learning course with contact programs and practical workshops. IMKTA also provides consultancy services to preschools which need improvements and to strive towards greater excellence. IMKTA also supplies Montessori materials, and Montessori books and albums. The placements cell of the IMKTA helps the Montessorians to find jobs both in India and Abroad.

Our Vision

IMKTA impart knowledge and develop skill of those who will be working in various environment with the children upto 6 years age. The programmes combines theoretical training and field experience. The aim of IMKTA programme is to be a national reputable teacher training institute to produce   well trained pre school teachers of international standard

Our Mission

    IMKTA maintains a deep commitment to the preservation of original tenants of the Montessori method as created by Dr.Maria Montessori and to the succeed of each student in training by upholding the true principles of Montessori Education.

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