Space Requirement

*Premise area of 20*30 sqft .
*Preferably Ground Floor.
*Residential Area With Good Density Of    Population.
House/Building Minimum of 20to 30sq.ft or any other Dimensions
Residentianl Area With a Moderate Density of Population


Alpha Kids Montessori Pre School is India's fast growing child care organization providing a child care experience like no other. Our centre provide a unique child friendly environment where children are treated with dignity & respect, enjoy a clean & safe facility and participate in daily educational experiences to form life long foundation for success. Our goal each day is to provide an enriching environment with nurturing teachers and planed developmentally appropriate curriculum for all ages between 2 to 6 years. We are over 15 years experience in Pre school education, Pre school and elementary teacher training. Where thousands of children are groomed and teachers are created by us.


Franchising a branded usiness gives you a big opportunity to be successful in buniness. As franchise is available in every business franchise is also available in pre school education service. We at Alpha Kids Montessori Pre School don't call it as but business we call it as noble service in he pre school education comparing to starting a new business from the scratch taking a franchise of allready successful business is safe root to success in business. By taking franchise of Alpha Kids Pre School. Failure rate is very low and rae of success is very high.


Alpha Kids Montessori Pre School blend the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori’s Montessori method and Fredrich Wilhelm Froebl’s kindergarten method with Indian culture the curriculum is so well planed which emphasis individual interaction and offer low child teacher ratio and teach children how to learn and communicate soft skills.

Why Alpha Kids Franchise?

There is high demand for pre school education in India and Alpha Kids pre school is one among the few proven to deliver it. You will experience many advantages of owning Alpha Kids Pre-School franchise as few of these are.

Our Support

    *Once you become our Alpha Kids Montessori Pre School franchisee you will receive continuous support and guidance in every step to launch and run the pre school profitably Culture
    *We provide complete business format in the preschool/kindergarten sections
    * We provide web based Preschool Management app for franchieses
    *we provide premium quality montessori didatic materials based on the type of categories * Free training for one person whom you suggest as a centre head
    *your school and contact information will be listed at our website

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