Why lMKTA Franchise?

Unique curriculum blended with philosophy of educationists Dr.Mariya Montessori and Fredrich Wilhelm Froebl's blended with Indian Culture. Membership with National and International organizations 15 years in the field of pre school teacher training education. Established trade mark IMKTA- International Montessori and school education. IMKTA impart knowledge and develop skill of those Kindergarten training academy.
The franchise will benefit form the goodwill and global recognition of the IMKTA organization Since our curriculum is amalgamated with the Montessori and kindergarten method. Passed out students find success both at traditional kindergarten and Montessori schools 90% of our students who have passed out profitably employed either as a teacher all over India and abroad or have opened their own schools.

Already have a kindergarten Montessori or play school?

Then add a preschool teacher Training Centre.Use your premises to its maximum advantage Become IMKTA franchise and offer international quality pre school

About us

International Montessori & kindergarten Training Academy( IMKTA) is a premier Autonomous pre- school Teacher training Institute Become IMKTA franchise and offer international quality pre school since 2003 offering comprehensive Teacher Training programmes for aspiring parents, teachers and to those interested in early child care and education We offer courses in regular, distance learning course with contact programme and practical workshops


Franchising a branded usingness gives you a big opportunity to be successful in buniness. As franchise is available in every business franchise is also available in pre school education service. We at Alpha kids pre school don't call it as but business we call it as noble service in he pre school education comparing to starting a new business from the scratch taking a franchise of allready successful business is safe root to success in business. By taking franchise of Alpha Kids Pre School. Failure rate is very low and rae of success is very high.


International Montessori and kindergarten training academy -IMKTA aims to train teachers who are qualified enough to apply and cope to the demand and challenges of the contemporary advances in the field of pre- school education. IMKTA impart knowledge and develop skill of those who will be working in various environment with the children upto 6 years age. The programmes combines theoretical training and field experience. The aim of IMKTA programme is to be a national reputable teacher training institute to produce well trained pre school teachers of international standard.


IMKTA place great emphasis on aiming to improve the quality of pre school teacher. We develop training courses to equip pre school teacher. We develop training courses to equip preschool teachers in private sector with necessary skill to meet the needs of young children.
Our training course is in line with the international curriculum proven to be the best module used to train pre school teachers The course is attended by pre school teachers as well as kindergarten operators, parents and those who are interested to work the young children

Our Support:

Our Requirement:


Want to be a leader in offering Internationally Recognized Teacher Training Educational Programmes ?

IMKTA has the right franchise opportunity for you

IMKTA is a premiere Autonomous pre-school Teacher training Academy offering various international recognized Teacher Training courses in Montessori and Kindergarten Education with duration of 6 to 9 with 100% job placements. The course is blended with excellent theory and practical training with an ample opportunity to explore teaching & learning.

Courses Offered:

  • Montessori and Kindergarten Teacher Training Method- 6 months
  • Elementary / Primary Teacher Training Programme- 9 months
  • Diploma in Special Education – 6 months
  • Diploma in Knowledge Management in Pre-School Education – 6 months
  • Diploma in ICT – Information & Communication Technology in Education – 6 months

Why Choose IMKTA Preschool Teachers Training Institute?

  • ISO 9001: 2015 certified
  • 17 Years in the field of Teacher Training.
  • More Than 25,000 Plus Teachers are awarded with Internationally recognized IMKTA Teachers Training certificates
  • AMI - Association Montessori International– Amsterdam Netherland
  • AECED Association for Early Childhood Education and Development 100%
  • AIAER - All India Association for Education and Research
  • NCVTE – National Council of Vocational Training and Education - New Delhi

Desired Franchisee:

  • A qualified person having passion for education & committed to deliver the results for people.
  • Sincere, dedicated, serious minded person towards business
  • Entrepreneurs looking for a business opportunity in education industry
  • Person with sound managerial skills looking to become successful

Franchise Facts:

  • Area required: 1200 sq ft
  • Investment: 75,000 plus tax – 5 year agreement

Course Fees Stuctures & Shares:

Sl. No. Course Fees Franchisee Shares IMKTA Shares
1 Any single Course 18,000/- 12,000/- 6,000/-
2 Any 2 Combo Course 30,000/- 20,000/- 10,000/-

Note : IMKTA Share includes Study Materials, Montessori Kit, Examination and Certification.

Franchise Support:

  • Free corporate business Training
  • Free Montessori materials presentation Training
  • Support of Curriculum
  • Provides INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE in teacher training programs
  • Marketing assistance
  • Field assistance available for franchises
  • Someone from head office will assist the franchisee in setting up the franchise
  • Advertisement support
  • Advertisement support
  • IMKTA is extremely strict maintaining and providing the following in order to support for the success of its franchisees
  • Unique corporate Identity.
  • Well integrated curriculum of international standards.
  • Academic and technical support.
  • Supply of student course material.
  • Conduction of examination and award of certificate and marks card for successful student.
  • Placement service and guidance.

Our Requirement:

  • A class room with size enough to accommodate 20-25 students.
  • A white board of size 3 to 5 feet.
  • Activity table of size 3 to 6 feet and rack 5 to 2 feet .
  • Material fees ( if required).

Benefits to Franchisee:

  • Present IT systems will be included in franchise
  • Established brand name
  • Benefit from lifetime franchise term
  • Detailed operating manuals for franchises
  • Access to success oriented business module